Grateful for flow like a river

By Mandy Cloninger

A friend of mine shared that she’s in a flash fiction class recently, and one of her assignments was a six-word flash fiction story. It inspired me for the season of Lent to begin my own assignment and to write a six-word flash prayer each day. 

I’ve really enjoyed starting my day in meditation and then brainstorming a prayer in my head.

Six words can say a lot.

A theme for this season of life and Lent has been gently coursing through me, and it was so abundantly clear as I walked along the Hillsborough River earlier this week.

Grateful for flow like a river.

The view from my side of the Hillsborough River on my daily walk.

It was a beautiful crisp morning. The river was still and quiet, yet still flowing. Ducks walked along the bank. The woodpecker pecked loudly. The sun shone brightly. A nice breeze brushed across my face.

I felt the same feeling later in the morning as I stood at my office desk and worked on a project for a client. Everything flowed. The work felt challenging but rewarding. 

Flow is so enjoyable, that smooth uninterrupted progress, when it’s all clicking. It’s all coming so naturally. The ease can energize you to do more.

As a recovering pessimist, it’s a bit of a challenge sometimes to just stay in the flow. I can vividly project an unexpected stress or crisis to interrupt the flow. 

For now, I will be grateful. 

The river flowed. Until it didn’t.

Published by mcloninger

Mandy Cloninger, CFRE, is a nonprofit thought leader, charismatic spokesperson, and a results-driven executive. With 20 years of experience raising hundreds of millions of dollars, cultivating transformational relationships with diverse constituencies, she has built capacity, scale, and scope in higher education, health care, and community-based nonprofits. She is passionate about social justice and humanitarian work internationally and at home. Mandy Cloninger is also a writer, public speaker, leader and faith seeker. Her journey and travels often bring inspiration to write, think and dream new dreams. Mercy & Meadows is a writing project inspired by a camping and hiking trip to Yellowstone National Park in 2021.

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